How Churches Changed the World

While at first glance the title may seem religiously inspired we are going to take a different look at things and review how churches have benefitted humanity for the last 2,000 years.

  • Offering sanctuary to the oppressed. Churches were seen as the sanctuary of last resort when people were being oppressed or facing the wrath of Mother Nature. Even to this day we can see people flocking to churches and other houses of worship seeking sanctuary from those that would hurt or oppress them.
  • Provides help to the weak, poor and mentally ill. While one of the pillars associated with the Christian faith is to “love thy brother”, the church has been proactively helping people since the time Jesus walked the Earth. People who needed food, shelter, or help could go to the Church and they would receive some type of assistance. The church would also provide help when it came to medical care.
  • Advancement of Science. Some of the most important figures in science were also clergy of the Church. While we are not going to talk about religion, the majority of scientists had a healthy respect for God and set out to explore the natural world. Isaac Newton who observed the effects of gravity by watching apples was a Christian and believed in the story of Adam, Eve, and the apple. A significant number of people in the modern age believe that the church and science do not mix but these individuals are wrong.
  • Instilled a sense of justice. The church strived for justice and would encourage people to be fair to one another. People who had a disagreement would bring it to the clergy who would rule on the matter and once the decision was made, both parties would abide by it. Without the presence of the church, a good portion of the population would fall into anarchy without the church overseeing the enforcement of divine law.

These are just some of the ways the church changed the world, it is by no means a comprehensive list.

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